Nightingale Nursing home

Our services and commitment

Residents charter

The right to a high quality of life

To enable the residents to exercise their freedom of choice, by providing facilities for them to follow their own particular religious or political pursuits and to recognize their privacy all times

The right to fulfillment

To assist the residents to achieve their full potential capacity, however small in Respect to their physical and intellectual.

The right to dignity

To preserve the self-respect of our residents by affording them privacy and space, and practicing courtesy and respect toward the residents at all times.

The right to individuality

To respond to the individual needs of our residents, to enable them to maintain their Identity in respect of belief and opinions.

The Right to Esteem


To recognize the former status of the residents, their life experiences and talents. To get to know the relatives and visitors, and to then use all the information to help maintain the morale of the individual residents


Hairdressers visit the home twice weekly. The cost of this service is not included in the fees and will be invoiced separately

A chiropodist visits on a monthly basis. The cost of this service is not included in the fees and will be invoiced separately.

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists can be made available to service users, either by G.P. referral or privately, according to assessment.

Our house G.P. at the present time is Dr. Melees from Wallace house surgery in Hertford. He holds weekly surgeries at the home. Residents are free to retain their own G.P. if the willing to continue to provide their service. Activities are organized in the home by our staff.

They include monthly sing-a-longs, cheese andWine evenings, BBQ's (weather permitting), clothes parties and celebration of all general annual events We organize three trips away from the home each year to the seaside and to a local wildlife park.

Religious and spiritual needs of residents are recognized,

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Our staff

A Registered General Nurse is on duty in the home 24 hours a day.

All staff completes an in house induction program within 6 weeks of their appointment

All staff completes a foundation-training course within 6 months of appointment. Over 50 %of our present care staff is NVQ Level 2 trained at the present time.

Our aim is to have 75% NVQ Level 2 trained by 2009, and 20% level 3 trained.

There is a first aider on duty at all times.

Nursing information

General Practiioner

Dr Mclees from Wallace House Surgery in Hertford is the G.P. for the nursing home. It is your choice to remain with your own G.P. as long as they are prepared to visit the nursing home at least every six weeks.


All medicines are supplied through BOOTS Chemists in Hertford as prescribed by the G.P.
We use a blister pack system. Only Registered nurses can give out medicines within the home.
Should you require any information regarding your medications please speak to the nurse in charge or matron.


The Nursing home has an incontinence system in place, we hope discretely, should you require the use of this service at no extra cost to you, we can asses your needs and supply your requirements. For advice or any concerns you may have, please see matron.

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Buildings and Gardens

The home is constructed on five floors, with access by two staircases and a lift.

The home provides 24 single bedrooms, 20 with ensuite W.C. and showers.4 with wash facilities.

5, double rooms, each with unsuited W.C. and showers, partition curtains ensure privacy when required.

3 lounges with t.v. and music facilities, a dinning room.

A nurse call system operates throughout the home to centralized panels on every floor.

The home is equipped with a fire alarm system.

Every room and corridor in the home is wheelchair accessible.

Laundry and kitchen facilities are based on the lower ground floor.

Personnel Effects

We encourage residents to bring to the home items that will assist in personalizing their rooms and make them more comfortable e g. photos, pictures, ornaments or a favorite armchair. TVs, radios, and music centres can be accommodated but will have to be safety checked annually. Larger items of furniture will be considered following consultation with the manager. All items of clothing must be clearly labeled with the residents' full name prior to admission.

Residents are requested to consider the advisability of bringing valuables and jeweler into the home. The home provides facilities for the short term keeping of small valuables and for the keeping of moderate amounts of spending monies. Residents and their relatives are covered by insurance provided by the company insurers. The certificate is displayed in matrons" office. This insurance does NOT cover personal items in excess of £500, you may therefore consider taking out further personal cover.

The home operates a resident’s charter, as enclosed in this guide. This covers our arrangements for respecting the privacy and dignity of the residents. However in the interest of safety the company reserves the right to enter a resident’s room at all times. Alcohol may be kept and consumed in reasonable amounts on a social basis. Should consumption rise to excessive amounts this might lead to a review the homes ability to care for the resident and ultimately the cancellation of this agreement Residents are allowed to keep their own cigarettes or tobacco, but not the means to ignite them; we have designated areas for smoking, our policy however is that no resident may smoke unaccompanied.
The gardens are well kept and informal with easy access to wheelchair users.
A private car park at the rear of the house
- Telephone and T.V.ariel points in every room.

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The equipment

The home is provided with 4 hoists and other moving and handling equipment
The home has a sit in weighing machine.
Nursing beds are available should the resident's assessment indicate their need.

Pressure relieving mattresses and equipment are available according to individual assessment and needs.

Assisted bath and shower facilities are available

Service users personal allowance

Pocket monies are kept in the safe, in individual residents envelopes. A file of money coming in and money being spent is kept in Matrons office: amounts of cash in the envelopes must tall}' with the most recent balance in the file.

Service users and/or their relatives may have access to the file at any time.

Money will only be used to pay for services agreed with the service users and/or their relatives e.g. hairdressing and chiropody.
When service users funds are low Matron will approach the person responsible for their pocket money either personally- or by standard letter to request a top up.
Pocket money funds are open to inspection by the Commission for Social Care Inspection Units.

Visiting policy


Visitors to our residents are welcome at all times. We request that any visitors sign in the visitor’s book in order to comply with fire safety regulations.
There is no age limit for our visitors, although it is advisable to check with senior staff before bringing very young babies into the home in case of infection.
When visiting late at night we do ask that visitors telephone ahead of the visit for reasons of security.
Should a resident become very poorly we will do our utmost to accommodate a relative within the home.

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Unwanted Visitors

The residents of Nightingale Nursing Home have the right to refuse visitors, with or without explanation.
Nightingale is their home and it is their right to see in their home whom they wish.
Staff are to act according to the wishes of the residents and only admit to the home welcomed visitors.
Staff will be made aware of unwanted visitors at hand-over periods or via care plans.

Admissions procedure

1 A pre-admission assesment must be carried out, to ensure that the home can offer adequate care for the potential patient, and that the patient will fit into the home.
2 When the patient arrives, take them and their relatives directly to their room and familiarise them with their surroundings.

3 Allow the patient to settle in, offer a tray of tea if relatives are present, leave them alone for a short while.

4 Help them to unpack, ensuring that clothes are clearly labelled, check valuables and money into the safe complete a property list.

5 Collect all relevant information in order to complete: -

patient register
admission sheet of care plan.
moving and handling assessment.
risk assessment.
gp. transfer letter

6 Collect any drugs arriving with the patient, count them, and sign them onto a completed mars sheet. lock all drugs into the appropriate drugs cupboards

7introduce new patients to existing ones at the earliest opportunity, (e.g. their first mealtime at the home)

8 Familiarise them with all communal areas of the home, the nurse call system. ava1libility of toilets

The staff

9 Ensure the floor plans throughout the home are updated.

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10 Update the patient board in the nursing care manager's office.

11 At the first appropriate opportunity check the new patient over physically, documenting any bruises, skin breaks or wounds in the nursing care plan.
This procedure is the same for both long and short stay patients. re-admissions- collect previous files, check details and continue as above.

a) Completion of a drug sheet and recording of all medications received

b) Entrance onto the daily worksheet, the bath list, the birthday list and the bowel chart.

c) Ensure the kitchen staff are aware of the new arrival and any specific dietry needs or alergies

c) Ensure all room plans throughout the home are updated.


Emergency Admissions



Residents Veiws

Due to the varying needs and abilities of our residents we do not feel that resident meetings would be appropriate or useful in gathering views of the home generally from everyone. To gather information we use a resident questionnaire each year.
The questionnaire is slightly re-designed each year according to the findings of the previous year. Each resident is requested to complete a questionnaire and can be assisted if required by a family member, friend or member of staff. We gather all the information together and write up our findings and make Specific Objectives for the coming year to improve the home as requested by our residents. The findings and specific objectives are on display in our Statement of Purpose, which is on display in the reception area of the home.

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Sugestions Box

All friends, relatives, visitors, residents and staff; -
Please feel free to pass on your ideas and suggestions for improvements to our home via the box outside matron's office, anything, which could improve our residents care and quality of life.
Please remember that this is not a complaint box, you need to see the nursing care manager or the nurse in charge for those

Complaints procedure

We trust that our service users will be satisfied with the quality of care they receive. However should any resident or their relative wish to raise a concern or make a formal complaint, we wish you to feel free to raise your concerns by; - Contacting the matron, Jayne Hewett. If not on duty at the time of your concern then please discuss with the nurse in charge of the shift your problem, and they will bring the matter to the matrons attention, and she will contact you to discuss the matter further.The matron has a duty to investigate and report her findings back to you within 28 days. - If you feel that the matter remains unresolved or you are not happy to discuss the matter with the matron your next step would be to speak to Mr Raja the proprietor of the home, Our nominated company officer. If as a home we have been unable to address your concerns satisfactorily, your next step is to contact your local inspector




TEL-01707 379370/1/2/3.

FAX- 01707 379396

If none of these avenues has resolved the situation to your satisfaction then you have the right to take your complaint to the local ombudsman, who investigates complaints of injustice arising from misadministration by local authorities and certain other bodies including care homes. They investigate complaints about most matters but they cannot question what has been done simply because someone does not agree with it.



We assist and our residents to continue with their religious beliefs and practises.

The local priest from the Catholic Church visits the home most Fridays. He is able to give communion or see any residents that wish to see him. Residents also may visit the Catholic Church across the road to attend services, escorts can be provided via church volunteers. Church of England practitioners can be seen by the local vicar from St Marys Church, she visits the home most Mondays.
Other religions can be catered for at individual requests. We are happy for residents to keep contact with their previous priests and vicars and will make them welcome within our home.

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